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When buying anything nowadays, you'll notice the prices online are much cheaper. Victorian floor tiles are no exception so we recommend Walls and Floors, an online company who can offer highly competitive rates as they don't have to pay for showrooms or retail staff. We have a link and discount code for Walls and Floors at the bottom of this page.

If you’re buying your Victorian Floor Tiles from an independent high street store, you'll notice a certain degree of secrecy surrounding the prices of the tiles. Shops will often hesitate to give you a physical price list and this is because they bluntly add a commission, often as high as 20%, on top of your order value.

When searching for a tiler to fix your Victorian floor tiles, be sure to choose someone who explicitly mentions they have experience with Victorian floor tiles on their website or business card. Victorian floor tiling is a millimeter art and due to the small tiles and complex patterns, it’s easy for a regular tiler to make costly mistakes.

If you are looking for a Victorian floor tile specialist to lay your new tiles, please email us on:

Victorian floor tiles are characterised by their geometric patterns and their durability. They compliment any Victorian built house brilliantly and certain patterns have strong art deco influences.

These Victorian floor tiles from the Olde English range are made of china clay dust and are pressed in a steel mould. They are then fired to give a fully vitrified finish that has a lower porosity than other tiles. Because of this traditional method, many original Victorian floor tiles dating back well over a hundred are still in place and in great condition.

Choosing Victorian floor tiles for your Victorian built home is a worthwhile investment and a surefire way to add value to the property. A porch or hallway finished in Victorian floor tiles gives a great first impression to those entering the house.

From £232.95/sqm

From £84.95/sqm

From £147.95/sqm

From £100.45/sqm

From £59.95/sqm

From £296.95/sqm

From £164.95/sqm

From £228.45/sqm

From £159.95/sqm

From £119.95/sqm

From £164.95/sqm

From £142.45/sqm

From £186.45/sqm

From £128.95/sqm

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